Manfred Strang is a reporter for The New York Globe Telegraph

Strang was at Hightower's press conference on New Year's Eve of 1899. After questioning Hightower about the rumors concerning the cursed idol Shiriki Utundu, Hightower became angry and kicked Strang out of the press conference. Strang later snuck into the party at the hotel, disguised as a waiter. There, he shadowed Hightower's every move until Hightower entered the elevator to his penthouse suite. Fifteen minutes later, the hotel was hit by green lightning and Hightower could be heard screaming as the elevator plummeted to the ground. Later, Strang went to investigate along with Hightower's valet, Smelding. But Hightower was nowhere to be found, and only the idol and a fez were lying on the floor of the elevator. Despite Strang's investigations, he was unable to prove anything. His only conclusion was that the hotel had been cursed and had to be torn down.

Thirteen years after the incident, Strang received word that Beatrice Rose Endicott was planning to host tours of the Hotel. He met her outside of the Hotel, pleading with her not to do the Tours, but she thought that his reason was that he worked for her father, Cornelius Endicott III (a business rival of Hightower), who wished to have the Hotel torn down too. But Strang insisted that he was being truthful with her. The two explored the Hotel, and while Beatrice saw the Hotel and Hightower in a positive light, Strang didn't. After more exploring of the Hotel, the two found the idol, in Hightower's Apartment, and a phone rang. Strang listened to it, and realized the warning voice was Hightower, and he saw the idol open its eyes. He grabbed Endicott by the hand, and the two escaped the Hotel.

Outside, he continued to ask Endicott not to do the Tours, and she told him that she would take it into consideration.

Later, it was announced that there would be tours of the Hotel.

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