BERLIN CALLS U.S. POLICIES TWO-FACED was an article published in the Los Angeles Examiner.

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Says Britain Favored, Warns on Weighing Decisions Lest America Be Drawn Into War

(Special Wireless to International News Services.)- Germany's foreign office tonight accused the United States Government of "two-faced" politics favoring Britain and cautioned America to weigh carefully her "every-day decisions," lest she be drawn into the European war.

Of no less importance was the common recognition shown of the fact that any menace from without to the peace of our continents concerns all of us and therefore properly is a subject for consultation and cooperation. This was reflected in the instruments adopted by the conference.

A suggestion that public hearings on applications be limited to one every six months was taken under advisement by the commission.

Many persons feel at this stage that some legal action is forthcoming but it now becomes common knowledge that there is pressure from the inside which will materially change the aspect of the case.