Abigail "Abby" Gregory, was born October 31, 1929, and is the sister of fictitious child star Sally Shine, from Tower of Terror. She was always very jealous of her younger sister because she couldn't sing or dance like her sister could.

Early ChildhoodEdit

Abigail was born on Halloween sometime before the beginning of the great depression. She spent her 10th birthday at the Hollywood Tower Hotel, where she believed everyone had forgotten her birthday. But unbeknownst to her the party in the Tip Top Club, happened to be a secret surprise birthday party for her.

Experience in the OccultEdit

Abby, feeling neglected by her parents due to their love of her sister, caused her to take action against her sister. October 31, 1939, her birthday, and the return of her sister from a publicity tour. Was the day Abby crept into the basement of The Hollywood Tower Hotel with her book of souls and cast a curse upon her sister that was supposed to banish her sister to an eternity in hell. Unfortunately her spell back fired, she didn't plan for the other patrons in the elevator. She only planned for Emeline Partridge, her sister's nanny, and her sister. Due to the lack of identifiers for the others in the elevator, the spell backfired killing everyone on board the elevator sending them all into purgatory.

Following the Disappearance of SallyEdit

As her parents determined that her deep-seated hatred for her sister brought her into insanity, Abigail was later admitted into the Westchester Sanitarium for the mentally insane in the spring of 1940. She defaced photos of her sister, and cut off the heads of the dolls that were modeled after Sally. The sanitarium served as her home until the summer of 1997, when Dr. Daniels, her psychiatrist, believed she was mentally healthy enough to venture out of the sanitarium. He didn't know she secretly had a section of her chest that held marked up photos.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Abby was first introduced in the 1997 film Tower of Terror. Shira Roth played the role of Abigail as a child, while Amzie Strickland appeared as an elderly Abigail.